Mar, 8 2022 | Deco tips

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles- a great alternative to classic decorative materials

Are you looking for unconventional decorations for your space? Self-adhesive vinyl panels are becoming more and more popular due to the low cost of purchase, easy installation and a variety of colors. Vinyl tiles are a fantastic alternative to long and costly renovations and the perfect addition to heavily used residential and commercial spaces.

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Jan, 19 2022 | Trends and inspirations

Carpet trends 2022 - how to decorate the floor using the latest fashion

It is common to choose the color of the rug by paying special attention to your own preferences and style. However, we'd like to inspire you to something new by introducing some of the most popular colors and patterns for carpets in 2022.

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Nov, 16 2021 | Deco tips

How to choose a comfortable chair for your desk?

Working at a desk has become commonplace for some. A chair is an integral part of an office. Increasingly long time spent in front of the computer causes numerous back problems, which is why a comfortable and good-quality office chair is important. A well-chosen and contoured office chair allows you to work good at the station and will take care of your back.

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Oct, 19 2021 | Deco tips

Interesting ideas for designing a terrace

The terrace is a great way to enjoy the living space in the fresh air. In this outside space, you have the opportunity to create something unique and personal. Are you wondering how to finish the terrace? Here are some ideas for arranging your terrace in different styles.

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