Nov, 16 2021 | Deco tips

How to choose a comfortable chair for your desk?

Working at a desk has become commonplace for some. A chair is an integral part of an office. Increasingly long time spent in front of the computer causes numerous back problems, which is why a comfortable and good-quality office chair is important. A well-chosen and contoured office chair allows you to work good at the station and will take care of your back.

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Oct, 19 2021 | Deco tips

Interesting ideas for designing a terrace

The terrace is a great way to enjoy the living space in the fresh air. In this outside space, you have the opportunity to create something unique and personal. Are you wondering how to finish the terrace? Here are some ideas for arranging your terrace in different styles.

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Aug, 6 2021 | Trends and inspirations

Moroccan carpets - original interior decoration

Moroccan carpets are unique, expressive elements that will give any space a surprising character. Thanks to the original design and colors, they will be a great addition to the interior of real design enthusiasts. We will advise you on how to choose a Moroccan rug to suit the space, regardless of the style of its design.

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Jul, 2 2021 | Trends and inspirations

Boho carpets - a unique atmosphere in an artistic edition

Boho style interior design is one of the most popular nowadays. This happened due to the lack of strict norms and rules when designing spaces in this style. This creative freedom allows us to let our imagination run wild while planning.

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