Outdoor terrace rugs

Outdoor rugs for balconies, terraces and verandas

If you choose a traditional rug for your terrace arrangement, you face a difficult battle against dirt, grime and moisture with the chance of ever winning it being rather slim. However, this does not mean that you must completely give up having a warm and pleasant surface to walk barefoot on to avoid such problems. How to choose the perfect outdoor rug for a terrace or garden? Terraces and balconies are not the greatest places for placing rugs. Mud, dust, pollen, insects, sunlight and moisture are just some of the negative factors that lead to their quick deterioration. To avoid such problems as mould, fading, stubborn dirt and mechanical damage, you should only choose rugs that are suitable for use outdoors. It is primarily outdoor rugs made of polypropylene that meet these criteria, even though their appearance and texture closely resemble those of traditional rugs. However, unlike the latter, polypropylene rugs are easy to keep clean, which is quite important if you plan to walk around your terrace wearing shoes. Even though polyester rugs are coated with foamed PVC, they remain elegant and aesthetically pleasing. We offer a wide range of designs, including ones in subdued, as well as vivid and saturated colours.

The most important features of an outdoor rug

Importantly, an outdoor rug made of polyester does not fade when exposed to sunlight and retains its beautiful appearance for a long time. It also does not absorb moisture and dries quickly after washing. The material is hypoallergenic as well. Mites and microbes cannot develop on its surface, which is vital for any rug that is to be placed in a humid and not necessarily clean environment. Thanks to their smooth surface, outdoor rugs make cleaning a breeze as all you need to do to clean them is to wipe their surface with a cloth soaked in water with a mild detergent. Their bristleless structure prevents the development of fungi, mites and bacteria, as well as the build-up of mud, sand and pollen. PVC rugs are not only resistant to moisture and mechanical damage but also pleasant to the touch, allowing you to walk on them barefoot without any discomfort.

Choosing an outdoor rug – modern or traditional?

An outdoor rug for your terrace or balcony must be both durable and functional. Nonetheless, its aesthetic qualities are vital as well. Fortunately, finding the right pattern is not difficult at all. Whether you are interested in modern, geometric patterns that are a perfect match for Scandinavian furniture or more rustic options, you can always find something ideal for your interior. When choosing your vinyl rug, remember that based on the current interior design trends the terrace arrangement serves as an extension of the living room decor. The boho style is another equally popular trend in balcony and terrace decor, in which vinyl rugs can prove to be original additions that delight guests and household members alike with their amazing colours. We offer rugs in a plethora of patterns and colours, so finding your perfect one will not be a problem.