Vinyl tiles with geometric patterns

Many of us want to furnish our homes, flats or offices with functional yet designer flooring finishes. One popular option is vinyl panels with geometric patterns. What is the secret of their success and widespread recognition?

Flooring vinyl tiles with a geometric pattern

Self-adhesive PVC flooring tiles with geometric patterns are extremely durable, scratch resistant and easy to clean. What's more, vinyl panels are water-proof, which makes them suitable for rooms with high humidity. In addition, PVC tile is thin, which makes the installation simple, fast and hassle-free. Another great advantage is that we can also lay them on underfloor heating. So it's no surprise that vinyl tiles with geometric patterns are among the favourites, and are one of the most popular choices. The selection of available patterns and colours is huge, so self-adhesive vinyl panels, we can create absolutely stunning arrangements.

Perfectly decorated walls with PVC tiles

Wall vinyl tiles are unquestionably a hit of recent times, which is used in the most prestigious and trendy interior designs. With the vinyl tiles, the prefect finish is now available also for the walls, not just the floors. These room elements create the foundation for further arrangements. Trendy geometric patterns are used in modern, industrial, and New York Classic styles.

Vinyl panels with geometric patterns are an excellent way to finish the most modern and fashionable interiors, adding a unique character to them.