Chair mats

Chair mats

It's a matter of choice - some people prefer panel floors, others wood floors and still others go with classic floor coverings. One thing is certain though and regardless of our flooring choice, we should take care of it so it won't get damaged. The use of chairs and swivel chairs results in scratching the floor surface, so you should think about its proper protection. How to do it? It seems that the best solution is a chair mat.

How to choose the right chair mat?

Vinyl mats are suitable for armchairs, kitchen chairs and office chairs. We have a wide selection of mat designs to make it easier for you to find one that matches your decor. Our chair mats are made of extremely durable vinyl. The small thickness of the mat won't affect the daily use of your floor in any way. Thanks to our chair mats, you will prevent scratches or serious mechanical damage to your floor. What's more, a good and solid mat for your office chair can also protect the floor from getting dirty. Using a mat for an office chair is a safer, cheaper and faster solution compared to other forms of floor protection such as varnishing. If you've already decided to get a floor protector mat, there are several important aspects to consider when choosing it.

Pay attention to several aspects when choosing a mat for your chair

The first and most important aspect is size. It should cover the surface where you move your chair most often. So check the dimensions of the base of your chair. Also keep in mind the size of your desk. For convenience, the mat should be partially hidden under the desk. Also pay attention to where you move the chair. It will be safe to give yourself an extra margin to make sure that you don't move the chair far enough that wheels will get in contact with the floor. We offer several sizes that should ensure maximum comfort of use. Another important aspect is the material. It should be resistant to damage and scratches because the mat is also a decor element. Our mats are made of durable polyester, thanks to which you can enjoy a nice look of the mat and the floor for a long time.