Vintage-style vinyl rugs

Retro-style rugs – a loved and elegant classic

Vintage style has reigned in our living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens for years. Classic, minimalistic or colourful – it has won the hearts of women all over the world. In the world of interior design, a great return of the 1920s aesthetics was announced. Will it find itself in modern interiors? Why is vintage style so popular? The answer is obvious – it is a style with a soul that cannot be forgotten and replaced. This chic and elegance are manifested not only in the interior design but also in fashion. Dresses with sidecuts, sewn from a circle, dots, polka dots and wide-brimmed hats come back in favour. Old interiors (or intentionally antiquated interiors) are climactic places which delight old and young ones. How to choose retro style accessories for your living room? A great idea would be patchwork rugs, whose style refers to the equally popular boho trend. Experimenting with patterns and colours is a new classic! Do not be afraid to mix and combine dots and lines, bright colours and contrasts – your interior could do with a little variety!

Vintage patchwork – is a new era coming?

Patchwork vinyl rugs will bring freshness and energy to the interior. Original combinations of patterns, colours and materials will give your salon a unique character. Since the material of the PVC rugs is resistant to mechanical damage, moisture and mould, vinyl rugs can be used as a terrace or garden decoration. The style of the 20s referred to the great receptions of American businessmen, combining black and gold, visible, decorated ornaments and splendour. The new 20s take inspiration from black and gold, but they focus more on experimenting with colours and patterns. This combination of elegance and kitsch causes the vintage patchwork to remain with us for a long time.

Vinyl mats – a great solution for allergy sufferers

If you are allergic and love fluffy rugs, nothing is lost! Our vinyl mats are made of polyester fabric. That is the reason why you can enjoy this original and pleasant to the touch interior decoration. Unlike classic rugs, vinyl mats do not collect dust or germs, so their use does not involve persistent sneezing. To keep them clean, a damp cloth with a small amount of detergent is enough. The durability of vinyl rugs has been confirmed by numerous tests, which have shown that their colours remain vibrant, even after a long period of use, and thanks to their resistance to scratches, beautiful patterns please the eye just as long.