Vinyl tiles with marble pattern

Marble vinyl panels will look great in any modern interior, especially in a glamour style arrangement. Marble walls or floors are luxurious, elegant and very chic. Real marble is unfortunately an expensive, heavy and difficult to maintain material, so using adhesive tiles for the floor instead is a very practical solution. Visually, PVC tiles perfectly mimic marble slabs. They come in a variety of natural colour that looks exactly like real marble. The vinyl panel is also smooth, and it is hard to tell the difference from stone just by touching it. However, vinyl tiles with marble patterns are much warmer and have more positive effect on a room's environment than the original stone.

PVC tiles with marble pattern

Vinyl is easy to clean and waterproof. It does not absorb stains, so you can keep it spotlessly clean without even trying. It also has soundproofing properties - unlike real marble, a vinyl laminate floor will not "clatter" when walked on in high heels.

Marble vinyl panels are an economical alternative to real marble flooring. The installation is easy, quick and requires little time or money. Vinyl panels can be laid on virtually any substrate to quickly switch up your interior design and add substance to your home. If you want the room to become chic and classy - marble flooring with PVC tiles will be the perfect solution. We can do it cheaply and easily with vinyl panels that look just like real marble.