Oriental outdoor rugs

Robust, practical vinyl rugs inspired by Oriental themes

Oriental design features styles and motifs inspired by a wide range of cultures and art movements. They enable you to marvel at the wonderful colours of India, amazing patterns of Morocco, as well as the sophisticated style of Japan. These wonderful ethnic themes inspire us to constantly create new rugs with various Oriental motifs. Choose our colourful PVC rugs to transform your terrace or balcony and quickly give them more style and elegance. Create an attractive background for your furniture and bring a unique atmosphere to your space. Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, our rugs are resistant to harsh weather conditions and can withstand even very intensive use. The solid workmanship guarantees that you will be able to use our vinyl rugs for a long time. The only thing to remember is to follow the cleaning instructions. Choose innovation and replace your traditional rug with a modern outdoor terrace rug today.

Select your favourite Oriental rug design

We offer rugs with Indian, Persian and Turkish patterns, as well as many others. A rug with an Oriental mosaic of your choice is an investment in your new, expressive space, full of colours and unique patterns. It is also an original way to give your terrace or balcony an amazing, Oriental atmosphere.

A perfect Oriental outdoor rug

Vinyl rugs are a simple and original way to decorate your patio, terrace and balcony. Thanks to the fact that our oriental rugs are made of durable and waterproof vinyl, you'll never again have to worry about your rug being ruined by heavy rain or soiled when playing with your children. They allow you to transform your space at any time – without excessive costs and long, tedious work. We pay attention to even the smallest details when creating our rugs to enable you to match them to any arrangement and style. Outdoor rugs create a fantastic background for furniture and accessories to make your home even more beautiful!