Wall panels - PVC wall covering

Wall vinyl planks with any pattern

The possibility of printing any pattern is an extremely important advantage of our vinyl panels. This gives us the opportunity to choose panels from an unlimited set of motifs. Depending on our preferences and the design of the room in which we want to use them, we can choose panels with wood, concrete, marble, nature, mosaic, beautiful oriental patterns, abstractions and even children's motifs. Thanks to this freedom of printing and a wide range of motifs, we will certainly find self-adhesive wall panels for our room, bathroom or kitchen. It is also extremely important that the elegant appearance and specificity of decorative wall panels allow us to use them in any room.

Safe and resistant PVC wall panels

A very important issue in favor of choosing vinyl panels for the wall are also its properties. One of the most important is resistance to moisture, which means that we are increasingly turning to it as an alternative to traditional ceramic tiles in such rooms as the kitchen or bathroom. The same applies to other rooms, such as the dining room, living room or children's room. PVC panels are also abrasion resistant. The use of high-class materials and digital printing guarantees their durability and elegant look.

Vinyl panels as wall decoration in the living room, kitchen and bathroom

Self-adhesive vinyl panels are an extremely interesting and effective way to finish modern and fashionable interiors. They are most often used to decorate the wall behind the TV, the walls in the kitchen above the countertop, and to decorate the walls in the bathroom - (our vinyl panels are not intended for installation in a shower cabin!). Interior decorators more and more often use them in the most prestigious and fashionable interiors. It gives an amazing visual effect and is the basis for further arrangements. Thanks to the variety of designs, wall vinyl panels can be used in rooms decorated in a modern, industrial, as well as classic or retro style. We can also cover the existing tiles in the kitchen or bathroom with vinyl panels. We can also reach for them when planning the arrangement of a new interior and replace classic decorations with PVC tiles. The versatility of vinyl tiles also allows them to be used, regardless of the style in which we arrange the apartment. Self-adhesive vinyl panels with a concrete motif will be perfect for classic, loft or industrial style apartments, which refer to post-industrial rooms and warehouses. This is where the motifs of raw concrete or metal on the floor or on the walls look best. On the other hand, for modern décor, you can use vinyl wall panels with abstract motifs, marble or geometric patterns. For traditionalists who like classic, retro or vintage styles, we recommend PVC panels with beautiful and colorful oriental patterns, Portuguese ceramics or panels with flowers. As you can see, a wide selection of motifs and the undoubted advantages of self-adhesive wall panels give us the opportunity to create an effective wall arrangement in any room. Self-adhesive vinyl wall panels are an idea for a quick wall makeover in the kitchen or bathroom. This is a great solution for people who want to refresh the room, keep a beautiful look and not wait too long for the results.