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Returns and complaints


  1. The Seller provides a 12-month warranty on all products offered. This period begins on the day of the product's delivery to the Customer.
  2. The Seller shall provide a product installation manual. Failure to comply with the manual shall exclude the possibility of submitting product complaints.
  3. Upon discovering that the service is not compliant with the contract, the Buyer shall immediately e-mail a written complaint to info@decormat.co.uk
  4. Minor deviations of the delivered product from the products offered as part of the service are not subject to complaint. Minor deviations include small differences in colour, as well as format, type and quality of the substrate. The production process utilised makes such deviations unavoidable; additionally, colour differences may also be due to the user's display settings. If the Buyer has not requested any unusual method of dividing the material when placing the order, the method of dividing it is also not subject to complaint.
  5. The Seller is obliged to consider complaints within 14 days from their submission.
  6. Should the Customer determine that the goods delivered are not compliant with the contract, i.e. they have defects reducing their value or usefulness or were delivered incomplete, the Customer has the right to demand that the goods be brought to a condition that is compliant with the contract through free repair or replacement; if repair and replacement are impossible, the Customer is entitled to a full refund of the cost of the order.
  7. The Seller has the right to demand that the Customer returns the defective goods.
  8. Only goods that are in the same condition as when delivered are subject to complaint.
  9. Damage resulting from actions which are improper or non-compliant with the contract does not constitute grounds for making claims against the Seller.


Although all our products are made to order and are not subject to the right to return goods within 14 days, customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. Therefore, please contact us and we will certainly reach an amicable agreement.

Please note that the product returned must not be damaged or used in any way. Send the product back to us in its original packaging and make sure to include all the parts it was delivered with. Ensure that the packaging is properly secured as well.

If all these requirements are met, your money will be refunded within 10 days of the day on which we receive the package. Shipping costs and custom orders are not subject to refunds.

The right of withdrawal