Vinyl tiles with classic patterns

Vinyl panels with classic patterns are a great idea to refresh the decor in any room, whether in traditional style, retro or vintage arrangements. These unique patterns installed on the floor will dramatically change the atmosphere of the room. Imagine your floor decorated with self-adhesive PVC tiles featuring one of these classic motifs. It can look really quite impressive.

Versatile vinyl panels with classic patterns

PVC tiles in classic patterns are versatile enough to suit any room. The first thought is - obviously - the kitchen. The PVC tiles applied there will not only look striking, but will also perform well in terms of usability. First and foremost, they are resistant to scratches, cracks and abrasion. So you don't have to worry about dropping a heavy object that would normally damage traditional ceramic tiles. The PVC tiles with classic motifs will also work well as a kitchen wall decoration. If you want to cover a painted wall or old tiles, just use vinyl panels. You'll be barely able to recognise your own kitchen afterwards.

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles with classic patterns are also a perfect choice for bathroom renovations. Tearing off old tiles and laying new ones involves a long, troublesome and expensive rebuild. We can apply vinyl panels quickly and without any renovation work. On top of that, PVC tile has the additional advantage of not only being moisture resistant, but also much warmer than traditional tiles. Walking on such a floor is therefore much more comfortable.