Vinyl tiles, self adhesive PVC panels

If you're wondering how to quickly re-do the flooring in your house - preferably without having to find an expensive repair crew - you should consider using vinyl tiles. The so-called PVC tiles are an increasingly popular choice for floor finishing. Well, no wonder. They are eye-catching, can easily completely change the look of the flat, and in also, we can arrange them ourselves. Until recently, to decorate the floor, we had to choose between the familiar ceramic tiles or floor tiles. Now we can also use PVC tiles for this purpose. Self-adhesive vinyl flooring panel is the perfect material for quick, do-it-yourself floor refinishing. The key thing is that we can lay PVC tile directly on top of the material we previously laid on our floor without any help. Just make sure to degrease it well so that the adhesive vinyl tiles stick well to the floor. After that, all that's left to do is lay out and fix the vinyl tiles on the floor. Self-adhesive vinyl flooring tiles are composed of two layers. The bottom layer is flexible PVC, making the panel solid and durable. Then there's a top layer, on which a print of the chosen pattern is applied.

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles with any design

Another extremely important advantage of vinyl tiles is having the option to print any design. It gives us the opportunity to choose tiles from an unlimited set of patterns. Depending on your preferences and the décor of the room where you want to use them, you can choose tiles with wood, concrete, marble, nature, mosaic, beautiful oriental patterns, abstractions and even children's patterns. With this ability to choose virtually any printing and wide range of patterns, we'll definitely be able to find a self-adhesive flooring panel for our room or kitchen, there. Another extremely important fact is that the elegant design and specificity of vinyl tiles itself allows us to use them in any room. PVC vinyl flooring can be used in the most natural rooms - kitchen or bathroom, but not only there. Nothing stands in the way of decorating the floor in the hallway, living room or bedroom with vinyl tiles of a chosen pattern. The properties of vinyl tiles also make them a safe option for a child's room. Especially since we have an interesting collection of children designs for PVC tiles.

Safe and durable PVC tiles

One of the determining factors behind making a decision to opt for vinyl flooring tiles are their properties. One of the most important is their resistance to moisture, which makes them increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional ceramic tiles in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Spilled water or other liquids are not a problem with vinyl tiles. All you have to do is wipe them down. Just like for other rooms, such as the dining room, living room or children's room. Everyone has spilled liquid more than once and then had to worry about the condition of the wooden floor. With self-adhesive PVC tiles, this is not a problem at all. Of course, ceramic tiles can also be wiped down. Only that PVC tiles have another advantage over them. They are actually warm and more resilient. Unlike traditional tiles, these conduct heat very well, so just walking on them is much more pleasant. It is worth mentioning here that vinyl flooring tiles can also be installed over the underfloor heating. Secondly, against all appearances, PVC floor tiles are more durable than the traditional ones. Dropping a heavy object in the kitchen or bathroom usually ends up in cracking or chipping the tile. With vinyl tile, there's no need to worry about this. PVC tiles are also scratch and wipe resistant. The high grade materials and digital printing used in manufacturing process, ensures their durability. Even in frequently visited rooms, we don't have to worry about the pattern rubbing off or the durability of the tiles for that matter. Another advantage of PVC floor tiles over ceramic tiles is that, thanks to the special properties of vinyl, PVC tiles make virtually no sound when you walk on them. This is a feature to consider when choosing flooring for a baby's room. Anyone who has or has had a child who wakes up easily all the time knows all too well how important this is.