Kids' room rugs

Safe and durable rugs for children

The basic activity of both younger and older children is play. It can take different forms and happen in different places. However, the vast majority of the child's time is spent in their own room. The use of vinyl rug will protect the floor from damage or soiling, while beautiful rug patterns will give the child's room a more interesting look. The decision about decoration and accessories in the child's interior is usually made by the parents. Their choice invariably oscillates around pastel patterns and delicate colours, thanks to which a child's room looks beautiful and cosy. It is no different when it comes to buying rugs. Their main task, in addition to the aesthetic qualities, is to ensure the safety of the child. Children's rugs also help to create a pleasant and anti-allergic environment.

Children's rugs of different sizes and shapes

Rugs for the child's room should cushion potential falls, but also protect children from the cold of the floor. Such requirements are met by a vinyl rug with a weight of 1000g/m2. It is durable and resistant to all kinds of soiling tears and bending. Additionally, its antistatic properties make it an ideal solution for allergy sufferers. PVC rugs are made of non-toxic dyes, therefore, their use will guarantee the safety of toddlers. Rectangular, colourful, oval, irregularly shaped. We offer dozens of patterns and motifs with children's favourite characters. Our offer is constantly updated, based on the latest trends among the youngest. There is one common and fixed feature – the highest quality!

A rug that will transform your little one's room!

For the boy's room, we advise choosing a rug with football, abstract, or animal elements. A rug with characters from the favourite fairy tales or football players may also be a good solution. The interior of the girl's room will be nicely matched with a PVC rug with elements of flowers and fairy tale characters – princesses or knights. We also have versatile motifs at our disposal, which will suit in both room variants. These are liked, by both boys and girls, elements of popular games or graphics directly from the natural world.

Find a dream rug for your child

When buying a rug for their child's room, parents often focus only on size, colour and quality. They approach it very practically. Meanwhile, they forget that the rug can also be used for fun. So what games can you play on a rug? The answer is very simple! Simply buy a model resembling a racetrack, a maze or a game board. It can also be a vinyl rug presenting the interior of a house, which would constitute an alternative to expensive dollhouses. Such a solution will certainly make your children happy and please them for a very long time. Having fun and learning can be combined in an interesting way. If you decide to buy a vinyl rug with letters or numbers on it, you will not have to encourage your kids to learn. Children will start to learn the material presented on the rug on their own and in a pleasant way. Consider buying a high-quality vinyl rug. We guarantee that it will create a beautiful and at the same time safe and comfortable space to play. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us. Our advisors will help to dispel all your doubts and advise you in choosing the right rug for your child's room.