Hallway rugs

Vinyl hall rugs

A place impossible to miss after entering a flat or house is the hall. This is where we leave our shoes and outerwear. Most often on the sole of our shoes we bring a lot of sand or mud, which we later spread throughout the flat or house. Is there anything to help prevent such situations and keep the flat or house tidy? Why, of course! The solution are practical and durable vinyl rugs. When buying a beautiful rug for the hall, you should consider the size of the room. For a larger hall, you can select a rectangular or square rug. On the other hand, in a smaller / narrower hall or corridor small vinyl rugs are a better option. If you want a distinctive, bold and fashionable decor, choose an oval or circular vinyl rug. The rug for the hall cannot be too small, because it might look like a doormat. You shouldn't go too far with size in the opposite direction either, because the rug doesn't have to cover the entire floor. But remember that the rug's look should suit your taste above all.

A variety of rugs at an affordable price

Modern vinyl rugs are made of 85% PVC and 15% polyester. This composition guarantees resistance to stretching, bending or tearing. They're also resistant to moisture. We often find ourselves in the hall, so it's also a good idea to take care of its safety by choosing a rug with an anti-slip underside.

Vinyl rug - a fashionable and functional accessory

Interior design trends change very often. For a long time now, there has been a growing trend of PVC rugs with geometric designs. Such a pattern not only looks beautiful but it's also practical - it makes any residual dirt almost unnoticeable. So, it's a safer bet to choose a rug with darker colour schemes and designs. Thanks to this, there will be no need to clean it often. Apart from popular geometric designs, Moroccan, oriental or mosaic designs are also available. Popular choices include also boho and retro style PVC rugs. We invite you to learn more about the wide selection of rugs in our store!